Remaining stock purchase

Remaining stock purchase: Fast & uncomplicated solution with immediate payment for your inventory

Do you have products from overproduction, excess inventory or remaining stock that you did not get sold? Have you given up your business or have to close it? Regardless of whether

Household appliances, cosmetics, electronics, multimedia, tools, clothing (textiles) but also all kinds of products. We at ATS Export help you to get rid of your product inventory and convert it into money. Feel free to contact us. Simply write to us at

or contact us by phone: +49 84429680555 -00491741012120

We buy:

Business dissolution goods

Slowly selling stocks, unsold seasonal goods

Clearance of stocks

canceled orders

Bankruptcy goods

returned goods, damaged goods

Bankruptcy goods

Store liquidation (business liquidation)

Special items

Pallet goods

Remaining stock


Mixed lot and remaining stock

Goods from a change of range

Returns | Returned goods

damaged goods

C-goods I returned goods I products from customer returns

B-goods | Goods with packaging damage

Unsaleable goods

Overproduction | Goods from canceled orders


1 - We will contact you within 48 hours

2 - Do you agree? We will transfer the agreed amount immediately

3 - You arrange for a delivery to be made to us or we will collect the goods directly from you!

4 - You can finally save unnecessarily high storage costs for goods again and focus on your daily business again

Our focus is on the export of your goods:

95% of our customers are based abroad. Accordingly, we ask you the option of not reselling your goods in your home country Germany, Austria, Switzerland or the EU.

On request, we can guarantee that the goods / items purchased from us will definitely end up in the export stocklots outside of Europe

with export certificate of course.

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